Sept. 26, 1942, in The Star: The date fell on a Saturday during a time when no issue was published on that day of the week.

Sept. 26, 1992, in The Star: Overall, public schools across all systems within Calhoun County gained about 142 students from a year ago. The county’s five systems now enroll 20,556 students. County-system schools have an enrollment of 10,682, while 4,207 attend Anniston schools; 2,832 attend Oxford schools, 1,584 attend Jacksonville schools and 1,251 attend Piedmont schools. Also this date: As Dr. Nelson Kuykendall prepares to celebrate his 10th anniversary as pastor of Golden Springs Baptist Church, he stands out for another reason in the itinerant world of full-time Southern Baptist preachers: He has spent almost all of the past 28 years pastoring in Calhoun County churches. He came to Calhoun from Madison County in 1964. Kuykendall’s affection for his congregation is matched by their affection for him — what stands out most in that regard, he said, was the congregation’s response to his father’s death three years ago. About 100 members made the trip to Jackson County to either visit the funeral home or attend the service. “He’s a very compassionate man,” Dr. Don Carroll of the Calhoun Baptist Association said of Kuykendall. “He can identify with hurting people.”