Their own war

The Waldrup brothers of Oxford were in the print spotlight 75 years ago as readers learned where they were stationed. They were training to fight their war as their father did his, the pictures' caption explains.

Feb. 28, 1943, in The Star: Anniston Boy Scouts are conducting a survey to determine the number of vacant lots that exist in the city with the idea that many of them could be converted into victory gardens. Scoutmasters who came up with the idea are hopeful that owners might grant permission to use the lots for gardens this season. Also this date: The senior class of 1943 of Anniston High School has chosen Best Foot Forward as its class play, at the suggestion of senior Floyd Clark. The committee that made the selection was led by Betty Carr, president of the senior class. Scripts for the show, which had a successful Broadway run, have been ordered. Additionally: A modest one-column advertisement for Mountain View Rest Home in Chattanooga, Tenn., states it offers “Service For Mild Mental, Nervous, Helpless And Elderly People.”

Feb. 28, 1993, in The Star: There is talk of renovating and finding new use for the Calhoun Theater building, a shuttered and useless Noble Street space for the past 10 years. In late November of 1991, Vayden Pate, an engineering technician with Bailey Engineering, bought the theater to go along with a couple of other downtown properties he had acquired. A deep-pocketed investor later approached Pate about restoring the building, and while Pate declines to name the potential benefactor, that person’s representatives were in town last week to eyeball the building and assess its structural soundness. Also this date: The 77 members of Piedmont High School’s Blue Knights Marching Band recently returned home with prizes from New Orleans’ Mardi Gras celebration. The band, one of 22 participating in Mardi Gras, marched and played in two contests and won first place in both.