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Look Back ... to pesky shots inside city limits, 1945


As far back as 1958 some education observers in Anniston felt a new high school needed to be built, as related in a story on Page 1 of July 30, 1958. Those observers would have to wait more than a decade for that dream to come true.

July 30, 1945, in The Star: Plans on the advisability of establishing a city YMCA here will be the topic of a meeting tomorrow night sponsored by the Board of Management of the USO-YMCA. The YMCA in Anniston has been functioning as a part of the USO, but the USO will close in the near future because it’s a wartime organization. Dr. C. Hal Cleveland, chairman of the board of management, said that the present setup could be used as a nucleus around which a worthwhile YMCA might be built. The meeting will be in the Alabama Power Company auditorium. [Anniston would eventually get its own YMCA building in 1952.] Also this date: Youths of Anniston using slingshots and .22 caliber rifles within city limits need to knock it off, says police Chief J. L. Peek, because he’s ordered his officers to start arresting youngsters for these violations. Chief Peek said numerous birds had been killed and property had been damaged by youths in all sections of the city and many complaints at police headquarters have resulted. He said his men had confiscated six slingshots just today.

July 30, 1995, in The Star: A few dozen families who live along Airport Road are being asked to stay away from their homes on Labor Day weekend because the Anniston flight center will be the base of operations for the Alabama International Airshow. For the past two years, the airshow has featured aircraft both parked and airborne, but this year the flying lineup is expected to include F-14, F-16 and F-4 jets. The FAA requires these high-performance jets to have a 1,500-foot unpopulated zone when they do their zooming around, and the homes on Airport Road and adjoining streets would lie in that zone. Residents have been told they could get passes for their vehicles on the closed street if they really needed them, and could also have free passes for the event, but some remain unmollified.