March 8, 1943, in The Star: Vandalistic hoodlums who have been exploding the whiteway lights along Glenwood Terrace were located today and a settlement was made out of court with their parents. According to reports from a lengthy police investigation, the suspects used small-gauge firearms from a moving automobile to break the bulbs. Their depredations reportedly extended the length of the drive. Also this date: At Fort McClellan, soldiers take the exhortation to waste no food whatsoever so seriously that the garbage-collection crews are complaining that there’s not enough leftovers to create slop for a local herd of hogs. Yet officials want to minimize mealtime food waste even more. “Our principal cause of waste is over-preparation and that can’t always be controlled. There is no cook in the world who can tell in advance just how much of a given dish his men will eat. He prepares it the very tastiest he knows how and prays for the best,” said Lt. N. C. Leone, Fort McClellan’s nutrition officer.

March 8, 1993, in The Star: Civilian prison guards from “boot camps” for young offenders are gaining a taste of regimented life themselves these days as part of a program the Military Police school’s counter-drug branch offers. As of last week, 125 guards from 13 states had trained at Fort McClellan since the program began in October 1991. The course draws on the Army’s curriculum for training drill sergeants. While the regimen might resemble basic training, a major difference is that the guards learn to teach the drills, something that privates don’t get. The guards also learn to handle the type of stress they’re expected to place on young inmates.