March 20, 1942, in The Star: Two Army fliers lost their lives last night when their training plane from Gunter Field, Montgomery, plunged to the ground on a hillside in the mountains of Cleburne County’s Ai community, which lies about 10 miles east of Heflin. The wreckage was found early this morning by M. N. (Bud) Tims and several neighbors who put together a search party after hearing the crash around 9 last night; an initial search around that time proved fruitless. According to information from Gunter Field, the two fliers were on a routine night training flight from there to Atlanta to Birmingham and back to Montgomery. Mr. Tims said he heard the engine on the plane stop a few seconds before the crash. "It sounded like a house was being torn up," said Mr. Tims, who lived nearby.

March 20, 1992, in The Star: Heather Leigh Whitestone, 19, has won the Miss Jacksonville State University crown. She will compete in the Miss Alabama pageant this summer. Miss Whitestone is an accounting major and maintains a perfect grade average. She won the talent competition with a classical ballet performance. At JSU, Miss Whitestone, who is deaf, is secretary of the Student Organization for Deaf Awareness. Also this date: Calhoun-Cleburne Circuit Judge Malcolm Street Jr. said this morning judges here are relieved that a federal judge recently upheld Alabama’s at-large judicial election system. But the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which suit in 1988 challenging the system, plans to appeal. The SCLC sought to establish single-member districts from which judges would be elected.