Feb. 8, 1943, in The Star: Talented soldiers of Fort McClellan will take time out from their martial lives tonight at 8 when they present a half-hour of music and comedy over radio station WHMA to the audience in Anniston. For the first program at this new time on Monday nights, “McClellan Marchtime” will broadcast from the auditorium of the USO at 12th and Gurnee for the guests and soldiers attending the 19th Battalion Snow Ball. Also this date: A relatively new regular column called “Dates with Uncle Sam” keeps readers informed on all the household goods and products being rationed and how to procure them using government-issued ration books. Shoes are being rationed starting tomorrow, with each person entitled to three pairs a year. The No. 17 stamp in War Ration Book No. 1 is good for one pair until June 15. Rationing of canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, dried fruit, canned soups and canned baby food begins March 1. Retail sale stops on Feb. 20. Shoe rationing, which is accompanied by a host of restrictions in what type of shoes can be made, was suddenly announced yesterday from the White House with no warning.

Feb. 8, 1993, in The Star: Alabama had eight of the nation’s 100 poorest counties in 1990, the Census Bureau said yesterday, with Greene County ranking as the state’s worst — there, 45.6 percent of its population live in poverty. The bureau’s breakdown said 12 of Alabama’s 67 counties — none in northeast Alabama — had poverty rates greater than 30 percent. Around here, the highest poverty level is in Talladega County, with 20.2 percent.