Feb. 27, 1943, was a Saturday during a 12-year span, 1940-52, when The Star wasn’t published on that day of the week.

Feb. 27, 1993, in The Star: Oxford schools are running out of room to educate an expanding enrollment, says school Superintendent John Toland. As the school board begins looking at options, it bumps up against a 23-year-old federal desegregation ruling that paired the Oxford and Hobson City school systems and now requires court approval of almost any move the board makes. Last week the board took the first steps in exploring solutions by directing board attorney John Phillips to ask the court if it can close the aging C.E. Hanna Elementary School in Hobson City and build a larger, more modern school — in Oxford. Also this date: The owners of the Carriage House Inn said yesterday they are on the verge of formally signing a franchise deal with Ramada Inns. The franchise agreement with Ramada would put the Carriage House on the computer-reservations map with thousands of road-weary travelers seeking a familiar hostelry. In addition, it appears the inn is about to be the new home of The Annistonian, one of the city’s older and more popular restaurants, as well. Restaurant manager Sam Humphreys said a deal is nearing completion.