Feb. 14, 1943, in The Star: City Sanitary Department workers were warned again at the end of last week against carelessly handling garbage cans on their daily rounds, but at the same time the department said no worker has ever set the containers back down in the rear of the wrong house. Sam F. Street, the commissioner supervising the department, said sanitation employees sometimes misjudge the clearance of high truck sideboards and can accidentally bump against the vehicle. Also this date: Eli Abbott, the University of Alabama’s first football coach, died yesterday morning in Greenwood, Miss., where he held the post of city engineer. Abbott, one of the all-time greats in Capstone sports history, would have been 74 years old in April. He was a fine athlete himself, and came to Alabama in 1888 to serve as an instructor in engineering. In 1892 the first Alabama football squad was organized with Abbott as both coach and player, rules then permitting faculty members to play on teams.

Feb. 14, 1993, in The Star: In a report to Congress, 36 environmental groups called for major purchases of privately owned land in the new Little River Canyon National Preserve, in the Bon Secour and Grand Bay national wildlife refuges and in the Talladega National Forest. Virtually all the parcels recommended for purchase are owned by people willing to sell and that are threatened by development. Also this date: The Alabama Hospital Association is holding 20 “town meetings” throughout the state so that residents can both learn more about problems facing health care delivery in the U.S. and offer their perspectives on how to fix the problems. Anniston’s meeting will be held in a couple of days.