March 7, 1943, in The Star: Retail merchants of the Anniston Chamber of Commerce have decided that all stores will be closed each Wednesday afternoon starting March 10 for the purpose of helping to lessen the effect of food shortages this spring and summer. It’s intended that merchants’ employees will use the time off to work in their victory gardens; people who can’t grow gardens might instead be able to raise chickens, but those who can’t do either are expected to work at another civic task, such as aiding the Red Cross. Also this date: Photographed in “multiplane Technicolor,” the latest offering from Walt Disney, Bambi, runs at the Ritz Theater in Anniston for two days later this week. Taken from the best-selling book written by Felix Salten, Bambi represents the first time Disney has brought a novel to the screen. Additionally: On the editorial page tribute is paid, in both words and a photo, to five men who’ve played major roles in the city’s recent decades of growth and development. Those five are Henry A. Young, age 82; Maximilian B. Wellborn, 81; Thomas E. Kilby, 78, W. H. Weatherly, 79; and Joseph J. Willett, 81. All have made their contributions during the past 50 years.

March 7, 1993, in The Star: For the fourth time since December 1988, Fort McClellan is on a list that makes it susceptible to closure. The Pentagon’s list of military bases it wants eliminated in a new round of cuts is due out by March 15. Most observers expect to see the list later this week, however, ending the simmering rumors and speculation about the fort’s fate. Also this date: Howard Ballard, an all-pro guard with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, recently gave his hometown of Ashland a new computer system. City officials have begun using it, enabling city government to incorporate its record-keeping business and the police department’s law enforcement activities into on operation.