Look Back ... to Gen. Stilwell's inspection of Fort McClellan, 1945

Feb. 7, 1945, in The Star: After 24 hours of closely scrutinizing Fort McClellan’s Infantry Replacement Training Center, four-star Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell said this afternoon that “both instructors and trainees here are doing an excellent job.” The new commanding general of Army Ground Forces made the statement after a busy morning inspecting ranges where infantry trainees were firing rifles, automatic weapons, anti-tank grenades and rockets. Gen. Stilwell had no predictions to offer about the end of the war. His tour took in the full range of activities in which today’s soldier is engaged, from nighttime training exercises to social and recreational services available at Fort McClellan. During a surprise visit to the Enlisted Men’s Service Club, for example, Gen. Stilwell was surprised and pleased at the collection of classical and semi-classical records in stock in the second-floor music room of the club.

Also this date: On account of objections from more than half the property owners in the neighborhood, Kyle Hulsey has withdrawn his application for a building permit to build a grocery store and drug store on East Tenth Street. The Anniston City Commission is considering, however, granting construction permits for three relatively small buildings on the northern section of the site of the former Alabama Hotel on Noble Street.

Feb. 7, 1995, in The Star: The Anniston area got an inch of snow last night. It didn’t impede transportation, but covered up things nicely until it was mostly gone by midmorning.

Also this date: Pulitzer Prize-winning poet James Merrill, whose long, distinguished career encompassed 14 books of verse and many other literary prizes and honors, died yesterday of a heart attack at age 68. Merrill had recently visited family and friends in Anniston, including his stepsister, Betty Potts, and longtime friend and fellow writer Elise Sanguinetti.