Nov. 13, 1942, in The Star: The season’s biggest high school football game, the annual Anniston-Gadsden High School classic, will be broadcast in full play-by-play over radio station WHMA tonight. The kickoff is set for 8 o’clock with the broadcast slated to begin at 7:45. With both teams unbeaten and traditional rivalry at a high pitch, the game will likely attract the largest crowd to see a football game in north Alabama this season. Even though he’s reportedly fighting a severe cold, 26-year-old sports announcer Malcolm Street will be on the scene earlier in the evening to originate the evening Sports Parade from the broadcast booth in Gadsden. Also this date: According to the column of servicemen’s news, Sgt. Bill Landers of Anniston teaches aerial gunnery at Tyndall Field in Panama City, Fla., and one of the students in his classes is screen idol Clark Gable. According to Landers, Clark is “a regular guy.”

Nov. 13, 1992, in The Star: Currently being debated on the Jacksonville State University campus is whether the Marching Southerners should play “Dixie” during football games. Editors at the students’ newspaper, the Chanticleer, have taken the official stance that the song should not be played — it connotes racism and memories of slavery and would be embarrassing to play at schools outside the South. Members of the band counter with the view that it’s a traditional fight song, which they are proud to play. The school administration has not taken a formal position yea or nay on the issue.