Scouts in 1943

Saturday we told you about the group of local Boy Scouts who in 1943 were recognized for their accomplishments in becoming Eagle Scouts; it turns out The Star took a picture, too. Here the lads are again.

Feb. 21, 1943, in The Star: The Block Plan of organization for civilian war services will be established in Anniston under the direction of Mrs. Drayton Bernhard Jr., it was announced yesterday by Civil Defense officials. Organization will get under way first thing tomorrow morning, as Mrs. Bernhard will activate the program through eight sector leaders and 24 district leaders; the latter will in turn carry out a minute and detailed organization in each block of Anniston. The purpose of the plan will be to get vital war information into every home rapidly and accurately and also to collect information which might be needed for community war planning. Information can thus be shared about routine yet essential matters as rallies, car-sharing plans and lending of scarce mechanical and household equipment Also this date: Miss Laurie Comer Willett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Rexford Godwin of Glenwood Terrace, is now engaged to be married, date to be announced, to Lt. John Edward Kelly of Stamford, Conn. Miss Willett is a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College; the bridegroom was formerly at Fort McClellan. 

Feb. 21, 1993, in The Star: Once a month each winter, Harold Kennedy fries up a batch of his special chitlin's for the Micaville Family Restaurant on Cleburne County 10. And on those days, like yesterday, the locals crowd in for the chitlin' supper. It’s hard to get customers to pause long enough between bites to find out how much they like them, reporter Richard Coe tells us, but they made their preferences known. Lynn Daniel polished off five plates’ worth with few sentences in between, except to order more, and Daniel's wife, Tammy, created a moment in chitlin' history, taking her first tentative bite followed by a quick guzzle of iced tea. The restaurant's owners, Amos and Pearl Rice, recruited Kennedy five years ago to spice up their menu. They just grin when asked about the success of the suppers and point to the 50 people seated and the line of about 20 waiting to get in. The waitresses confide they are relieved that Kennedy does all the cleaning and boiling at his house ahead of time. Also this date: Polly Bhattacharyya claimed the title of Calhoun County Spelling Bee champion yesterday at the Anniston City Auditorium. Miss Bhattacharyya, an eighth-grader at Jacksonville High School, is the daughter of Rash and Sujata Bhattacharyya of Jacksonville. The 14-year-old was runner-up in last year's bee. She will represent the county at the state bee March 27 in Birmingham.