March 17, 1942, in The Star: Boy Scouts of the Choccolocco Council, in connection with their home defense program, are to play an important part in the scheduled Anniston citywide blackout tonight at 9. This district has been divided into air-raid areas and to each area one or more Scout troops has been assigned. In order that each Scout might grasp his respective assignment in this blackout test, each troop and its Scoutmaster is asked to assemble not later than 8:55 p.m. at their respective locations. Meanwhile, adults are making their own preparations for the event, such as by recognizing they shouldn’t use telephones for ordinary purposes during the blackout. However, through radio station WHMA, Anniston will have a two-way contact with other points in Alabama. Men of the local defense committee will be atop the Wilson Building [we know it today as Watermark Tower] with a two-way microphone. Also atop the building will be a radio station announcer who will describe conditions of the blackout from his vantage point as the station continues broadcasting. The alarm itself will consist of a series of rising and falling blasts from several sirens positioned at various locations through the city. The “all clear” signal will be one long continuous blast of these same sirens.

March 17, 1992, in The Star: Jackson County native Robin Kirk has a 50-acre spread along Gladden Lane in Alexandria that’s home to an enterprise known as RK Miniature Horses. There’s a white fence and a sophisticated security system to stand technological guard over 40 miniature horses, two miniature zebras, four horned Jacobsen sheep, a pair of fainting goats, a miniature Sicilian donkey -- and a zonnie. “It’s a cross between a miniature horse and a miniature zebra,” Kirk explained recently. He said he goes through 3,000 pounds of hay and 700 pounds of sweet feed a week for the whole menagerie. His next anticipated acquisition: alpacas. Kirk’s regular job is that of marketing consultant, working out of an office he maintains on Leighton Avenue.