Look Back … to an historical dig site yielding native treasures, 1995.


Take a national economic issue and explain it real-world terms was apparently the assignment given to Star reporter Donna Bible in this front-page story of June 30, 1968.

June 30, 1945: The date fell on a Saturday during a 12-year period (1940-52) when The Star didn’t publish on that day of the week.

June 30, 1995, in The Star: A group of local Fort McClellan supporters continues to churn out handwritten letters, to type up plans and to send electronic mail, hoping to catch the right person who would have influence to reverse the apparent decision. “I know this is hopeless,” said Cissy Hunter of Ohatchee. “But it’s very easy if you were a member of the [base closure] commission to move on and not think about it again unless someone stands up and questions it.” One question letter-writers are asking is how the government will save money by closing Fort McClellan’s chemical and Military Police schools only to rebuild them at Fort Leonard Wood. Also this date: For the past few years, Alexandria dairy farm owner David Wright has been allowing archaeologists from Jacksonville State University to excavate a section of his Canebreak Farm to uncover what had been there thousands of years before. Wright said he was leery at first at the idea of folks digging around on his land, but the nature of the project fascinates him and his wife, Leianna. Said Harry Holstein, who directs JSU’s archaeological research, “We found bone needles and bone tools that look like they were dropped a couple of days ago — not thousands of years ago.”