May 17, 1943, in The Star: Last night’s blackout drill in Anniston was successful, except for one thing: Not everything was blacked out. Even though the signal siren wailed as if to wake the dead, someone didn’t carry out his duty in regard to a key landmark. Here’s staff writer Mary Sterne’s account: “Anniston grew darker and darker. Downtown Anniston was bathed in moonlight but all lights were out before the second banshee wail had ceased. That is, all but one . . . the face of the courthouse clock.” She noted that soldiers standing outside the USO recreation hall wondered about it. “We could all get hit by a couple of dozen bombs on account of that one light,” she quoted one as saying.

May 17, 1993, in The Star: Despite a 33-14 record and a No. 8 national ranking, the Jacksonville State Gamecocks’ baseball team will not be going to the NCAA playoffs. That word came early today in a move that left the Gamecocks shocked and hurt. Making matters worse is that two teams JSU had beaten handily bumped it from the tourney. Head coach Rudy Abbott was annoyed, of course. “I really feel sorry for our seniors,” he said. “They did everything they could do to get us in the playoffs. In my mind, they did enough.”