Dec. 2, 1941, in The Star: Gathering at an establishment known as “Elmer’s Place,” the Oxanna Possum Hunters Club held a reorganizational meeting last night featuring the humorous remarks of Pat Buttram, the famous NBC comedian. Mr. Buttram was elected official toastmaster of the club and promised to have plenty to say about it on his Saturday night radio program in the near future. He is the son of Dr. W. M. Buttram, the new pastor of Carpenter Memorial Methodist Church. [Many years later, of course, Pat Buttram, born in 1915, would portray the character Mr. Haney on TV's "Green Acres."] Also this date: Coming tomorrow to the Ritz Theater, and for the three days following, will be Sergeant York, starting Gary Cooper as a prominent hero of the first World War. Showings are scheduled to take place throughout the day; admission price before 6 p.m. is 40 cents and seven tokens, after 6 p.m. it’s 56 cents, including U.S. Defense Tax and state sales tax. Children under 12 get in for a dime. Additionally: According to an outside observer, black soldiers at Fort McClellan say that “a spirit of friendship” exists between them and white soldiers while they’re training or relaxing in camp. However, when the black soldiers visit Anniston on leave, “members of the civilian population treated them harshly.” This is according to members of a Citizens Committee for Army Welfare, located in Birmingham and established for the purpose of raising the morale and improved the welfare of black soldiers in nearby Army camps. Members of the committee recently visited black soldiers at the fort to learn of their situation.

Dec. 2, 1991, in The Star: Is Alabama’s football program back on track? That’s the question posed in an assessment of the program two days after beating Auburn by the modest score of 13-6. “Stallings’ two-year tenure as the Tide’s head coach has done a lot to erase the negative and embarrassing events that circulated around the school’s football program in the preceding years. There’s no more finger-pointing by the Alabama alumni; everyone seems elated with the job Stallings and his staff have done,” writes sports reporter Phillip Tutor. Alabama (10-1) has a Blockbuster Bowl date against Colorado on Dec. 28, 1991.