Feb. 1, 1943, in The Star: A special series of programs in the public interest will begin over radio station WHMA this evening at 6:30 and will be heard each evening, Monday through Friday, at that time. Called “Uncle Sam,” this program is produced by the Office of War Information with the purpose of keeping everyone informed about the government’s many activities as they affect the average citizen. In dramatic form, the programs will be highly entertaining for every member of the family. One of Anniston’s leading firms is sponsoring this feature in the public interest.

Feb. 1, 1993, in The Star: A news column from The Star’s foreign correspondent, George J. Tanber, describes the atmosphere at Chili’s Bar & Grill in Mexico City — yes, the American restaurant chain — as the Buffalo Bills lost their third consecutive Super Bowl, this time to Dallas, 52-17, yesterday. “I was stunned to discover such a boisterous group of Mexican football fans,” Tanber writes. “I counted six TVs strategically placed around the first floor, which was divided into several sections. The place was three-quarters full. It was an under-25 crowd, wearing pressed jeans, three-button golf shirts and loafers. I ate my $8 hamburger and waited for the game to start.”