April 17, 1943, was a Saturday during a time when The Star wasn’t published on that day of the week.

April 17, 1993, in The Star: The volume of one’s voice is not a problem for most preachers, but the situation is slightly different when one’s career starts at age 7. Little Timothy Parker preached his first sermon at Macedonia Spiritual Baptist Church in Anniston in 1989, standing on a stool to look over the lectern. He’s grown a little since then — now he’s a 10-year-old fourth-grader at Johnson Elementary and a veteran preacher at several other area churches. Macedonia’s regular pastor is Timothy’s grandfather, the Rev. W. E. Parker. The boy says he began to preach after God came to him in a vision and wouldn’t let him alone until he yielded. Also this date: Golden Spring Elementary School Principal Debra Lee recently experienced a pie-in-the-face situation: She previously had challenged her students to read a certain number of books and yesterday they met that challenge. That meant Mrs. Lee lost her “bet,” and students got to pelt her with whipped-cream pies.

Other milestones of history include:

1937 The animated cartoon character Daffy Duck made his debut in the Warner Bros. cartoon "Porky's Duck Hunt," directed by Tex Avery.

1961 Some 1,500 CIA-trained Cuban exiles launched the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in an attempt to topple Fidel Castro, whose forces crushed the incursion by the third day.

1970 Apollo 13 astronauts James A. Lovell, Fred W. Haise and Jack Swigert splashed down safely in the Pacific, four days after a ruptured oxygen tank crippled their spacecraft while en route to the moon.

1973 Federal Express (later FedEx) began operations as 14 planes carrying 186 packages took off from Memphis International Airport, bound for 25 U.S. cities.

1993 A federal jury in Los Angeles convicted two former police officers of violating the civil rights of beaten motorist Rodney King; two other officers were acquitted.