Feb. 3, 1943, in The Star: Dr. C. R. Eskey, the medical director of the typhus fever control section of the U.S. Public Health Service, will be in Anniston next week to survey the city’s rat problem and determine the type of extermination campaign the city needs for its unwelcome rodents. Local authorities told him of the acute problem they’re facing here, given that several cases of typhus fever have broken out lately. The reason for particular alarm is that typhus is known to be more prevalent in warm temperatures, so this current batch of cases likely indicates a unusual problem. Also this date: Members of the Anniston Airport Committee and the City Commission toured the Eastaboga Air Support Command Base yesterday afternoon with the idea of possibly buying the land at the close of the war. The group began its survey at the huge hangar, then ventured out to the broad and long concrete runways, still being poured. The airbase is 16 miles from Anniston by road and is south of the Bankhead highway. [Today, it’s the site of Talladega Superspeedway, the old runways still exposed.]

Feb. 3, 1993, in The Star: The Anniston Police Department is adding a sexual-harassment policy to its standard operating procedure. Although the department hasn’t had a complaint of sexual harassment in its workplace, Chief Wayne Chandler said it’s better to be safe now than sorry later. The three-page order, he said, “will set up a mechanism that it is clear that we will not tolerate sexual harassment here,” he said. Also this date: Did you watch Buffalo get annihilated by Dallas in Super Bowl XXVII three days ago? If so, you were part of the largest audience in television history, according to the Nielsen ratings folks and NBC Sports. The game drew 133.4 million viewers who saw at least a portion of the lopsided contest — although it’s thought that Michael Jackson’s halftime performance was significant in drawing eyeballs to the screen.