Jan. 30, 1943, was a Saturday during a time when that day of the week produced no Star.

Jan. 30, 1993, in The Star: Like newlyweds forced together by an arranged marriage, members of the Anniston City Council have headed to Cheaha State Park for counseling and to reaffirm their vows to work together for the next four years. For some council members, the honeymoon waned shortly after the election when they began squabbling over issues ranging from the city’s minority hiring policy to the location of a proposed wood-chipping facility. The mountaintop adventure in team-building will cost $1,400 — all legal. “Nothing will be voted on. Just discussions,” said City Manager Tom Wright. A hired leader from the University of Georgia will be directing the group in learning how to work and play well together. Also this date: Carver Community Center has been like a second home for many west Anniston youths, and not surprisingly they took it personally when a microwave oven, a VCR and other things were taken in a burglary earlier this month and portions of the facility were damaged in the process. Consequently, some of them went to work through back channels to get property back. “It’s very, very unusual to get this kind of help,” said Anniston police Capt. Mike Fincher. “I think it was terrific that we got this cooperation from the community in solving this crime.” Additionally: New inductees into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame are Percy Sledge, Tammy Wynette, Jimmie Rodgers and the band Alabama, according to the proceedings of the ceremony last night in Huntsville. The hall of fame was founded in 1985.