Feb. 10, 1943, in The Star: Even as the Anniston City Commission passed an ordinance fixing a license tax of $500 on a concoction known as bay rum — with full consent of drug stores and five-and-dimes where it’s legally sold — it was found that those who tipple have found other cheap alcoholic drinks to serve as a substitute. Drunkenness off of bay rum has been a major problem for the City Commission to solve for some time now. Also this date: The City Commission also yesterday passed an enabling ordinance to allow state and federal experts to do everything necessary to rid Anniston of rats and their associated diseases. The eradication effort is sorely needed, officials said recently.

Feb. 10, 1993, in The Star: Eighth-graders in Wilma Guthrie’s science classes at Anniston Middle School will take on the landscaping of a barren courtyard area at the school as a science project. The students will form teams to create landscape plans and the winning design will be chosen and the winning team will oversee the project. Also this date: A drug arrest sting marking the end of a campaign known as Operation Cyclone netted about 20 low- to mid-level dealers in Jacksonville last night. The suspects, indicted by a grand jury Feb. 1, were attracted to the city recreation center with the absolute promise of a free color TV if they’d just listen to a 30-minute presentation on economic development. Sixty-three people who had been indicted received the “invitations” and about one-third of them were arrested at the site. “We were worried that we’d get here and would only have six or seven. But this — this is good,” said Brian Howell, assistant district attorney assigned to the task force.