June 14, 1943, in The Star: The Anniston area, including Fort McClellan, is suffering from a shortage of ice. The city has four ice plants capable of producing nearly 100 tons of ice per day, but the amount is still insufficient. Indeed, last summer and the summer before, ice was imported to the area for local consumption. Causes of the shortage include the inexperience of workmen at the local ice plants and the relatively greater usage of ice box-style refrigerators, as opposed to mechanical ones. Also this date: Investigation of some trouble involving soldiers at Portwood Café in Jacksonville this past weekend was being carried on today by military police of Fort McClellan. Details of the trouble were not available, however, it was generally understood that two soldiers had been struck over the head with a baseball bat on Saturday night and that Sunday night a group of soldiers showed up at the establishment to “even the score.”

June 14, 1993, in The Star: Alabama’s congressional delegation intensified the fight for Fort McClellan in a hearing today before the Base Closure and Realignment Commission. With the deadline less than three weeks away for the commission’s recommendation, the hearing represented a final chance for lawmakers to plead their case. Also this date: A Stringfellow Memorial Hospital spokeswoman said the hospital foundation was pleased with how a horse show held for its benefit during the weekend turned out. Julie Tanber said the foundation was “fortunate and excited” that the organizers of the Hillabee Creek Farm Charity Horse Show contacted the foundation about donating the show’s proceeds to the group. Atypical for this part of Alabama, the show featured the talent and grace of riders in the English style, both on the flat and over fences. The event was a regular member show of the Hunter-Jumper Association of Alabama.