Jan. 9, 1943, was a Saturday during a time when The Star didn’t publish on that day of the week.

Jan. 9, 1993, in The Star: The Elvis stamp was spotted briefly yesterday at area post offices and at a special booth in Quintard Mall, but it was gone within hours — sold out, as Elvis fans and stamp fanatics snatched up dozens at a time. The Anniston Post Office sold five times its normal number of loose stamps, said Wayne Stockinger, supervisor of operations. “The most common purchase was a sheet of 40,” said Wayne Ginn, a post office employee selling the Quintard Mall booth’s last stamps late Friday evening. Also this date: Sports Illustrated will for its first time ever release a special commemorative edition, the event commemorated of course being Alabama’s capture of the national collegiate football championship. Bookstores and certain other locations throughout the state will have 100,000 copies to sell at about $4 each.