Feb. 4, 1943, in The Star: The flag-raising ceremony tomorrow on the courthouse lawn is expected to attract residents from all sections of the county who will surely feel silent pride over Calhoun County having been the leader among the state’s 67 counties in the recent scrap metal collection campaign. The flagpole will hold both Old Glory and a pennant for county’s having turned in the greatest per capita amount of scrap. Also this date: The City of Anniston has issued another, sterner warning to householders that they absolutely must make provision for outdoor garbage receptacles that the Sanitary Department can get to and dump into their trucks. Even wooden boxes are OK if metal cans with close-fitting tops are not available. If folks don’t cooperate, officials warn, punitive legal action will be taken.

Feb. 4, 1993, in The Star: In a legal maneuver that will enable it to limit damage awards, the board of Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center has severed its ties with Regional Health Services Inc., the hospital’s parent holding company. Furthermore, the structural realignment will afford the hospital broader latitude in making investment to generate additional income for the hospital. The RMC board voted to sever RMC’s ties with Regional Health Services Jan. 25. The move should reinforce the hospital’s position as a public institution, and as such should shield it from crippling malpractice awards in court. That’s because the hospital will operate under a 1982 state law that limits damage awards against it to $100,000, according to RMC president and CEO Allen Fletcher.