Feb. 23, 1943, in The Star: A week from today Calhoun County citizens will begin their organized drive to amass the sum of $28,000 in the second War Fund Campaign for the American Red Cross, better known as the Red Cross Roll Call. With J. R. Morgan as chairman of the drive, the campaign will get under way at noon on March 2 at a luncheon to be attended by all civic club members and civic leaders of Anniston. Of the sum being raised, $11,000 will go to the national organization and $17,000 will be retained for local Red Cross use.

Feb. 23, 1993, in The Star:  After 10 years of service, Piedmont police Chief Rickey Doyal has resigned, citing inability to work with city officials. The resignation came in a letter addressed to Mayor Vera Stewart and the City Council, and was read at last night's meeting. In the letter, Doyal said his ''ability to work with a few elected officials has been permanently damaged as a result of the position that I took on certain controversial issues.'' Five weeks ago Doyal stood up at a council meeting and voiced his opposition to the council's decision that night to legalize pull tabs in Piedmont. As an ordained Baptist minister, Doyal has said he opposes all forms of gambling. Doyal would not discuss specifics behind his resignation, but acknowledged that the bingo pull-tab controversy played a part. Mayor Stewart, Doyal said, had earlier “made the statement to us that if we did not agree with the changes going on in the administration, the thing for us to do was to get out. Well, I don't, and I am,'' he said. Also this date: A weekend storm that ripped through Cherokee County caused more damage than initial estimates indicated, authorities said. Leon Smith, coordinator of Cherokee County's Emergency Management Agency, said 30 mobile homes and houses were either damaged or destroyed in the storm Sunday night. Several homes in the Mountain Springs area between Piedmont and Centre were among them and five people in the Spring Garden area were injured.