Jan. 28, 1943, in The Star: Coach H. L. Greer’s Piedmont Bulldogs defeated Millerville 21-17 two nights ago. Frank Griffin, Bulldog guard, sank two long shots in the first quarter against Millerville to give the Purples a lead that was never overcome by the visiting team. At the end of the first quarter the score was Piedmont 4, Millerville 0. The highest game-point total was achieved by “aggressive Bulldog forward” George Webb, with 10 points. Also this date: The state committee on public health, an official committee of the Alabama Medical Association, today expressed its approval of Gov. Chauncey Sparks’ intention to establish a four-year medical school in Alabama. Currently the University of Alabama has only two-year pre-med courses.

Jan. 28, 1993, in The Star: With the first day of the national signing period being Feb. 3, Anniston High School football player Kivuusama Mays says he plans to play the game for the North Carolina Tar Heels next season. Mays (6-4, 235), a linebacker/tight end this past season, will play defense at North Carolina. Off the field his plans are to study medicine and become a pediatrician. One reason he chose NC, he says, is that it maintains high academic standards.