March 19, 1942, in The Star: Several hundred former students of Jacksonville State Teachers College have joined the armed forces and others are leaving every week to take their own places in the Army, the Navy or the Air Corps. They include Charles Johnson of Anniston, Robert Dishman of Anniston, Herman Prickett of Ashville (previously a star athlete at JSTC) and George Hendrix Jr. of Piedmont, who has received an alternate appointment to West Point. Also this date: According to a wire story, U.S. Treasury officials plan to change the name of the bonds people buy to support the war effort from “defense bonds” to “war bonds,” starting July 1. The thinking is that all civilians need to be mindful that the nation’s military is no longer in a defensive posture but is waging war. Additionally: Up until now, passenger cars have not been subject to a state-mandated speed limit in Alabama, but starting April 1 they will be, due to the need to conserve rubber and for motorists to exercise caution when driving on less-than-perfect tires. That speed limit will be 40 mph, Gov. Dixon announced.

March 19, 1992, in The Star: Say goodbye to the “longbox,” the tall, skinny cardboard package in which plastic-cased compact discs are sold. The longboxes, condemned by musicians and ecologists as wasteful, will be phased out by April 1993. The change will force music retailers to spend new money to create proper display cases, or to buy store-use-only plastic display boxes, for the jewel box packaging. Carl Lackey, owner of Slip Disc in Anniston and Jacksonville, said he’ll absorb that cost himself — he won’t raise the cost of the CDs he sells.