Jan. 11, 1943, in The Star: Piedmont High School lost to Cherokee County on the basketball court the other day by a score of 29-26. For Piedmont, Frank Griffin, guard, and George Webb, forward, were high scorers with 8 points apiece. Herman Reed led that category for Cherokee County with 18 points. Also this date: In a letter to the editor, Mr. W. A. Bynum, 64, of Abilene, Texas, recalls his youthful days in the Anniston when the circus was a major amusement: “My father, T. D. Bynum, ran a store at Bynums perhaps 30 years, and bought most of his groceries from the Anniston Mercantile Company. My father also owned a blacksmith shop. Circuses invariably posted their bills all on one side of our store building and shop. Usually two circuses came to Anniston each fall. It meant we got plenty of tickets, and we went!”

Jan. 11, 1993, in The Star: The message from experts on education and history was urgent: Alabama is so far behind the rest of the industrialized world educationally that it might be impossible to catch up. The response from lawmakers, however, was the same as it’s been for many years: Immediate change is unlikely. About 50 Alabama lawmakers attended an informational session on the topic at a Birmingham hotel recently, the event sponsored by the Alabama Association of School Boards.