Jan. 24, 1943, in The Star: Oxford might be getting a four-story 50-room hotel. Prospects are bright for early construction, Mayor Tom Blake Howle said yesterday after his return from Montgomery where preliminary negotiations on the project were conducted. The site being considered is between Oxford City Hall and the motion picture theater. Financial sponsors are confident of success given that housing for defense needs is already scarce in the area, and given Oxford’s location on the Bankhead Highway as well as the Florida Short Route by way of Talladega. Also this date: Circuit Judge R. B. Carr late yesterday afternoon dissolved the injunction that had restrained contractor R. T. Smith & Co. from working on a four-block section (from 18th Street to 22nd Street) of the Quintard-Fort McClellan Road. He ruled that if damage was done to the property holders, they would have recourse. The roadway there now is about 32 feet wide and the government wants to widen it to 60 feet to accommodate Fort McClellan traffic.

Jan. 24, 1993, in The Star: The Anniston Star’s Citizen of the Year award has been presented to Gerald Acker, founder of Acker Electric Co. (1958) and former member of the Calhoun County Board of Education. “It’s a great moment. It’s a great night. I love you. Thank you,” he told the crowd at the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting last night. Acker, who’ll turn 67 on Feb. 17, is a native of Ohatchee, where early on he absorbed from his grandfather and his father the work ethic of a farmer. Also this date: Alabama colleges and universities ought to be included when the Legislature next month considers a bill to ban firearms at elementary and secondary schools in the state, Jacksonville State University President Harold McGee says. Officials at the Department of Education support the bill that would ban guns on the campuses of all grade levels, from kindergarten through 12th.