May 14, 1942, in The Star: Water from the drinking fountains at Ohatchee High School tastes and smells like gasoline and there is now pending between the school board and the Standard Oil Company a proposal for correcting this situation. The oil company has agreed to restore 560 gallons of gasoline that leaked from the storage tank, but there is no agreement yet as to a new well for the school. The school board wants the oil company to bear the expense of a new well because the old one is contaminated with gasoline. It’s been known that some time that the tank was leaking — bus drivers weren’t able to make full use of what they thought was a complete delivery of gasoline — even though tests to detect the point of leakage didn’t appear to show anything wrong. Once the gasoline starting showing up in the water supply, it was obvious something was wrong.

May 14, 1992, in The Star: Coach Randy Law knew when his Saks Lady Wildcats began practice for this season that the team had a lot of potential, even though his team would be facing tough competition. But Saks, with a veteran lineup returning from last year, has posted a 26-3 record and finds itself in line for a shot at a state crown. April Bryant has been a fixture at shortstop for four seasons and the leader of the team. She bats around.500. Suzi Stillwell functions cleanup hitter and left fielder Adrienne Sparks is a three-year starter who hits with power.