Feb. 2, 1943, in The Star: Montvue Road in Anniston was the scene of a mock gas bombing last night, to which local officials and experts rushed so they could demonstrate proper emergency procedures for such an event. These persons included Civil Defense officials, air raid wardens, Motor Corps members and a decontamination team. Under the leadership of Mrs. Bertie Golden from Area 6, the visiting decontamination team demonstrated proper procedure: remove clothing, wash gas off victim, provide fresh clothes, take victim to hospital in ambulance. Also this date: An 18-man grand jury, made up largely of Calhoun County farmers, continued its work today, primarily for cases involving the possession or transportation of whiskey. Presumably to keep the caseload manageable, Judge Carr said the cases need to involve more than five gallons each.

Feb. 2, 1993, in The Star: Legislation proposed by two state senators would make Alabama one of the toughest states on drunken drivers. A senator from Centreville wants Alabama to be one of five states that use a .08 percent blood-alcohol concentration, instead of .10, as the threshold for a DUI, while Sen. Doug Ghee of Anniston wants to make a fourth DUI conviction a felony with a mandatory jail term of anywhere from six months to 10 years. Also this date: Alabama Gov. Guy Hunt says President Clinton’s decision yesterday to give the states more leeway in running the Medicaid program could help Alabama erase a projected Medicaid deficit in next year’s budget of more than $200 million. In this case, giving the states more leeway would allow them to increase taxes on health care providers, such as hospital, that are involved in the Medicaid program. (A 1991 law restricted the use of such taxes for the purpose of getting federal matching money for Medicaid; states subsequently protested Bush administration rules that implemented those restrictions.)