Jan. 25, 1943, in The Star: Due to reports of several cases of typhus fever, a widespread campaign to exterminate rats needs to begin right away, Dr. J. E. Dunn, Calhoun County health officer, said today. He said the campaign will have to include all areas of the city – residential, business, warehouse and industrial – to be most effective. A rat extermination crew from the state health department will do the job, Dunn said. Also this date: The YMCA operated for soldiers by the USO Club at 112 East 12th Street, Anniston, is two years old and plans are being made for an appropriate celebration.

Jan. 25, 1993, in The Star: A Lee-Jackson birthday banquet held the other night in Jacksonville, put on by the Maj. John Pelham Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, had the usual rebel yells and jokes about Lincoln, but the rhetoric this year had a serious side for the members: They have lost the latest battle of the flag. A circuit court judge has ruled that a 98-year-old law allows only the U.S. and Alabama flags above the the state capitol. That leaves furled the Confederate battle flag, which has flown over the dome since 1963. “Our colors have been seized again and we’re going to have to rescue them,” said JSU professor Dr. Norman R. Dasinger, lieutenant commander-in-chief of the organization.