Feb. 25, 1943, in The Star: “Hoodlumism” and vandalism had been placed in a tighter spot today with the offering of a $25 reward by Alabama Power Company for the arrest and conviction of any person guilty of damaging the corporation’s property. Malicious mischief has been practiced by night-roaming gangs of youngsters on the east side, who prowl alleyways and overturn garbage cans in violation of city ordinances. Also this date: Speaking of folks up to no good, a dragnet of sorts went out from Anniston Police headquarters today to round up non-producers, poolroom hangers-on and such as that in the city. The goal is to make these layabouts either produce something in the war effort or else take prison jobs with the city so as to release free labor for defense jobs. Men’s draft status was also checked in this roundup, it was said.

Feb. 25, 1993, in The Star: The price of a gallon of self-service regular unleaded gasoline has fallen under a dollar at many Anniston-Oxford service stations and some are selling fuel as low as 98.9 cents. That is under the state average of $1.04 a gallon and way under the national average of $1.09 a gallon. The power of competition among local independent gas distributors, as well as the mild winter which have kept prices down in other uses of oil, are given as reasons for the low prices.