It’s the little things I am truly thankful for ...


— Sandals that you can slip on and off your feet without having to bend over and hook a finger between shoe and heel and wiggle to get it on ... Jesus wore sandals and I believe that is one of the reasons He has so many followers.

— Remote controls for the TV ... in the years of three channels and black ’n white TV, my remote was “While-You’re-Up” ... my son and heir said he thought that was his name until he left home for college.

— Little plastic pill containers that hold your ever-growing number of pills ... that goes with  aging ... I  have one that holds two weeks of dosages in small compartments with snap-down lids ... one drawback is it’s funny how fast two weeks slips away and you have to skip a Blue Bloods re-run to re-stock.


PAPER TOWELS and toilet tissue ... you’re a fool to buy anything other than Bounty or Brawny off the towel shelf ... and while Scott tissue is a bit pricey, it’s more than worth it if you grew up out on the rural route and the Sears and Roebuck catalog was standard in your outdoor john.

— Dr. Wilfredo Grana ... the Semi-Great physician has saved my life twice in the last two years  ... a rare kidney infection (came without pain) and double pneumonia which came with days on end of hacking and holding my upper body tight ... the good doctor said if I’d had a third lung I would have had triple pneumonia.

— The smarts to be able to spell p-n-e-u-m-o-n-i-a without having to seek Mr. Webster’s help.

— Thermostat on the wall ... punch a button and you get heat ... sure beats splitting firewood at 100 below ... I’ve been there, done that.


THOSE LITTLE toothpaste containers you can stand bottom up on the end ... when you’re out, you’re out ... there’s no such thing as one more squeeze ... stop and think about how much time you spend trying to get one more brushing out of a squeeze tube.

— Mary B’s frozen biscuits ... I buy the 20-pack and at times there are 21 in the pack ...

— The Iron Bowl and Alabama-Auburn ... in my long ago career as a sports writer for this newspaper, I covered 19 of them ... at my age, a recliner and a 40-inch TV is a better deal ... and, just for the record, my pick is Auburn in a really classic and close game.

— Spotify ... if it has been recorded you can hear it on Spotify ... it even has Roy Acuff singing “Precious Memories,” which he does better than anyone ... living or dead.


OLD MOVIES ... I’m addicted to “Shane”and “High Noon”and “Fastest Gun Alive”and “Gone With the Wind”and “From Here to Eternity” ... not a single F-Word in any of them ... my dad could make sentences out of cuss word, but not once did I ever heard the F-Word come from his mouth ... I’m no prude, but that one offends me ... should you, too.

— My ball point pen collection ... in 20 years as a sports writer of this newspaper I went coast to coast and border to border and stayed in more motels than a traveling salesman ... every motel, in addition to other amenities, always had a ball point pen with its name on it and a note pad by the phone ... I left the note pads, kept the ball points that would write ... and one of these days I’m gonna get ’em all together, sit down, and take you on a national tour with my ball points.

Then there are the big things I’m thankful for ... the blonde, son Barry and wife Susie, grandsons Riley and wife Ashley, Tyler and wife Ashley, Cody, and great-granddaughters Ellison, Mackenzie, and Evelene. I hope they’re half as thankful for me as I am of them.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all ... of you.


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