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OVER THE YEARS I can’t count, I’ve occupied the fourth pew from the back at Blue Mountain Baptist on most Sundays. The blonde is always with me.

This past Sunday, it was the same. It was also Mother’s Day.

In all those years I can’t count, a pert little blonde with a ready smile and a warm heart, sat in the third pew from the back just behind us.

Sue Cotton left us on Aug. 18, 2016. She also left three sons ... Steve, Derrick, and Mark.

The three grew up in the church, but had moved on . . . except on Mother’s Day. Steve and Derrick and Mark were always there, third pew from the rear with their mother, Sue.

Sunday the three, in remembrance of her love and care,  were there again ... third pew from the rear where they had spent so many other Mother Days with their mom.

Guys, you were not the only ones who loved your mother ... and I’ll betcha this past Sunday she was as proud of you as ever.


QUOTABLE I: “The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know everything.” —  Oscar Wilde

QUOTABLE II: “Forty is the age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.” — Victor Hugo


FROM AN obit a few days back in this newspaper:

“Mr. David Luttrell Sr., 78, of Jacksonville passed away peacefully May 18, 2018.”

If you came in late that name probably didn’t ring any bells with you.

It did for me as memories of “Little Toe” Luttrell crowded my early years as a sports writer for The Star. In those years, “Little Toe” was just about a household word among those who loved and followed Calhoun County football.

Luttrell, who played for Jacksonville High School (early ’60s), was a bull of a running back. He hit the scales at around 220 and stopping “The Toe” when he carried the football took a lot of nerve and a high tolerance of pain.

In my memory, his finest hour came in a losing game.

I forget the exact year, but the Golden Eagles were matched against Alexandria in the old Turkey Bowl.

I covered that game and, in front of a packed Anniston Memorial Stadium, it was one heck of a war. The Valley Cubs won (best I recall it was like 14-12), but “Toe” got the headlines. I don’t know how many times he carried the football, but he gained in excess of 200 yards.

Even now, after over a half century, that still has to rank as one of the all-time efforts in Calhoun County football.

Take care “Toe,” you were special ... and a warm memory for those of us who watched you play.


BIRTHDAYS: May 10 — Mike Williams; May 17 — Steve Burt; May 17 — Jerry Harris.


OUR TOP TEENS for this school year are getting ready for graduation in just a few days, but “If the Good Lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise,” a new group will debut along about September.

Oh, the quote was how Hank Williams Sr. closed his Saturday night at the Grand Ole Opry ... way, way back when.



— If you’re coming out of the parking lot at Dad’s, heading north on Alabama 21, you can break your neck checking for coming traffic. A longer on ramp is really needed ... badly.

— I don’t know if my fingers are slowing with age or buttonholes are getting smaller. But what we need is a national law making this an “All-Snaps” country ...

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