Wednesday’s beans ’n greens ’n other things:


MY NUMBER THREE grandson and namesake, Cody Houston Smith, has jumped over his two older brothers in his grandfather’s affections.

Thing is, at the time I was unaware of the “jump.”

A couple of things:

1. Cody Houston Smith probably knows more about computers than anybody in Silicon Valley. He builds his own, once had three in a row with clear panels, tied together with flashing lights from the “innards.”

2. On a recent visit with “Poppa,” he got on this computer in the tiny closet we call “our office.”  With the door shut, he spent about 30 minutes, came out, and headed for the door with “See you later, Poppa, I gotta go.”

It wasn’t until two days later that I ran into his “jump” in my affections. Turning on the Weather Channel, I got:

“We need your help. Ads are what help us pay the power bill so we can bring you the world’s most accurate forecast.”

“Turn off your ad blocker.”

I still have the ad blocker on and I have James Spann, really don’t need the Weather Channel. Besides that, I made it through the days of “back when” we didn’t even know if it was raining on the other side of the mountain without any serious effects on my health.

A third thing is the ad blocker does its work on most other stuff. Another thing is grandson is closing in on a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Alabama and will probably wind up owning half of Silicon Valley.

Thank you, kid, for the ad blocker ...


HAD A CALL just the other day wanting to know what the Blizzard of  ’18 had done to the Chilton County peach crop.

Caller: “I fear the worst.”

Relax, from our peach man Ken Easterling.

“Looks good. Barring a late freeze this should be a really good crop. Peaches need cold to bear heavy, and we’ve had 800 hours of below 40 degrees. Cold weather is essential to having a good peach crop.”

So relax and save your money to buy bacon for BT sandwiches.

I’ll keep you posted.


EDDIE TANKERSLEY’S house sits on the side of a hill. The driveway is a bit steep to say the least. Eddie is a good friend and with the Blizzard of 2018 on the ground, I called to see about my friend.

The conversation was brief:

Q: “How you doing, Eddie?”

A: “I’m not going in further than the blanket.”

I said goodbye, walked down the hall, pulled back the covers, and got under my own blanket. With the blonde and four other ladies still hanging out in snowy Gatlinburg (where I’d been for a few days), my slumber was deep and peaceful.

Eddie, in addition to being a good person, is a deacon in my church, Blue Mountain Baptist. If you can’t believe a deacon when he says it’s “blanket time,” well ... you probably don’t believe in Santa Claus, either.


QUOTABLE: “Bills travel through the mail twice as fast as checks.” — Unknown


BIRTHDAYS: Jan. 22 —  Charlotte Aldridge; Jan. 24 —  Horace Youngblood.


TOP TEEN got called off while snowbound schools were closed. School counselors, who do the Top Teen picking, were probably under their own blanket. The bottom line on that is Top Teen will see you next week.

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