Wednesday’s beans ’n greens ’n other things:


NOW ABOUT those “beans ’n greens” and the place where it all began, Betty’s Barbecue on South Quintard.

With that said, a confession is in order for a bit of plagiarism I am guilty of from a long, long time ago.

In searching for a name for Wednesday’s notebooking column, I am having lunch at Betty’s, where I had just ordered that day’s “Beans ’n Greens.” The rest of the story is I flat out stole that line from Betty’s menu for Wednesday’s columns.

Now, a fast forward to a few days back when, on the way back from Oxford, I pulled into Betty’s, headed for a booth by the window, and met up with Angie Wilson, a dark-haired beauty who favors the Betty I knew back when we were both young.

“No kin,” said Angie, “Just been working here a long time. Started when I was 19 and I'm not going to tell you what year that was.”

With that said, “Angie Mine” for a little while came through with a plate of large butter beans and turnip greens, onion and tomato, and cornbread.

The finishing touch came when I asked about buttermilk.

A bowl and a tall glass of cold buttermilk quickly appeared and the cornbread just as quickly wound up crumbled into the buttermilk. What I had for the next 15 minutes or so was a time of memories from all those childhood years out on the rural route when butter beans, turnip greens, cornbread, and cold buttermilk were the staples of life.

To this day, I still put that at the top of my gastronomic wantings.

Thank you Angie Wilson. And thank you for being “mine” for just a little while.


QUOTABLE: “Behind every great man stands a woman rolling her eyes.” – Jim Carrey


THIS IS personal, but also special in that grandson Tyler Smith’s birthday is today, his wife’s birthday tomorrow. Her name is Melissa Sturdivant Smith, a drop-dead blonde who could decorate Gurnee Avenue into a holiday wonderland.

She is mom to two of my great-granddaughters, Ellison and Everlee Smith, also has a degree in interior design from the University of Alabama. That’s where grandson Tyler, a chemical engineer, met “Missy.”

Love you both ... bunches.


BIRTHDAYS: Nov. 26 – Kelly Gidley Smith and Weldon Shelton Sr.


TOP TEEN: Say hello to Skylar Watson, a senior at Weaver High School where she carries a 4.1 GPA off advanced academic and dual enrollment classes. There is also a lofty 30 on her ACT.

Skylar was in the Junior Honor Society and now calls the Senior Honor Society her “home.”

Along the way her resume holds such as being on the Math Team, the Tech Team, the Leo Club, and a Bearcat Ambassador.

She finds time for others, too. Skylar is in Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Circle of Champions and is a Special Olympics volunteer.

Then there’s her time as a Weaver High cheerleader and a member of the South Jam Volleyball Team.

“Skylar is an outstanding student,” says Principal Michael Allison. “She is involved in multiple activities within our school, is service-oriented, and has tremendous school spirit and pride.”

Proud parents are Robbie and Melissa, Parker Boulevard, Weaver.

Take a bow, young lady.


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