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I AM IN the first month of my fourth-grade year at the old Saks Elementary. It’s a battered white building with a dirt playground out back.

When I heard of Louie Feazell’s death this past week, that image of the old school and the dirt playground played in my memories ... as did the image of a boy a grade in front of me, a slender kid with a quiet manner.

I’m not sure when he first noticed this “kid,” but when he did, Louie Feazell became my very first hero. I would later move to my grandfather’s farm near Ohatchee, and Louie would become a star in three sports at Alexandria High School.

I can’t say we were bosom buddies in those years, but when by chance we did meet, just seeing my first hero was a warm feeling.

A few years back, the blonde and I became close friends with Louie and his wife, Kay. There were cookouts and good times and every now and then, Louie and I would play golf together.

He was a really good golfer. At one point, I was fairly decent, but I could never carry Louie’s putter. And he could hit it a mile.

Time moves and for some reason you sort of drift away. But every now and then, I’d see Louie somewhere and we’d stand and talk and feel good at again seeing each other.

The last time I saw Louie was in the parking lot at the Lenlock Wal-Mart and his failing health was apparent.

Also apparent in all the years that I knew Louie Feazell was that he was a good and decent man. Not once in all those years did I hear one single bad thing about my first hero.

May God bless ...


QUOTABLE: “Whoever named it necking is a poor judge of anatomy.” — Groucho Marx


BIRTHDAYS: Sept. 9 —  Jackson Wyatt; Sept. 10 — Kelli Lynn Lloyd, Troy Douthit, and Clarence Womack; Sept. 13 —  Claudette Ward; Sept. 14 — Nancy Thomas; Sept. 15 — Jo Ann Parkman.



Q: If love is “grand,” what is divorce?

 A: A hundred grand, or more.


TOP TEEN: Meet Jacob L. LeCroy II, a senior at the Donoho School where he carries a 3.7 GPA, is a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, the Spanish Club, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Students.

When Jacob is not on the books, he is a member of the varsity basketball and golf teams.

Young Mr. LeCroy is a member of the 2017-18 state champion golf team and finished the season as the 11th ranked junior in the state of Alabama.

He played the Toys for Tots Golf Tournament for the past four years, is a volunteer with the American Cancer Society, and was there to help out with the annual Woodstock 5K.

Jacob heads for the University of South Alabama next year as a member of the golf team and plans to pursue a career in physical therapy.

“Jacob’s compassion for others, his positive attitude, and his sense of commitment make him a leader in the Donoho School and in our community,” says counselor Jacqueline Gaines. “He is well respected by students and faculty alike and is a wonderful mentor to the younger students on campus.”

Proud parents are Lewis and Shannon LeCroy of Anniston.

Applause is in order.


I HATE to ruin your day, but there are now just 94 shopping days remaining until Christmas.

S-o-o-o ... you guys need to be listening to your beloved and making up your list.


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