Wednesday’s beans ’n greens ’n other things:


LOU KENNAMER played to a full house at her going away “party” held this past Thursday at the K.L. Brown Memory Chapel in Golden Springs. Lou really wasn’t there, but just about everybody who knew her and her husband, Bob, will tell you she was watching.

Lou’s death Aug. 19 ended a 59-year affair with Bob, but the thousands who passed through Jacksonville State will tell you the lady really was something special.

I’ve played a lot of golf with Bob over the years, but I can’t say I knew Lou all that well.

The blonde did. She was a frequent visitor to Lou’s dress shop in Jacksonville and wore a lovely pin to the “party” a few days back.

Her memory of that visit ...

“I was looking at the pin and we were talking when she reached for the pin, handed it to me, and said ‘I don’t know anybody I’d rather have this than you.’”

Her life of love for Jacksonville State (she and Bob have a building named for them) is legendary and just the mention of “Lou and Bob” is a warm feeling.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacksonville State is a good fit for a life of giving ...  



Q — Why did the turtle cross the street?

A — To get to the Shell Station!!


SUSIE ROBINSON SMITH nailed another birthday Monday and all caps in black translates into she is the wife of my son Barry, daughter-in-law to me, mom to my three grandsons, and grandmother to my three greats.

I’m not stupid enough tell you her age, but she is one gorgeous brunette and I love her bunches, even like her most of the time.

Susie Robinson Smith is also a lady ... in every sense of the word.


I BE STUPID Itdoesn’t call for blacklisting, but every now and then I manage to downgrade to “I Be Stupid II,” which is what I did in a recent column.

There’s a really nice lady out there by the name of Joyce Terry who is a regular contributor to each Wednesday’s birthday list.

I told you about skipping one Jenny Hays not just once, but twice. I compounded the bit of “Stupid” by listing Joyce Terry as Terry Roscoe.

Roscoe was her husband’s name and somehow I managed a mix-up not intended ... so my apologies to Joyce Terry.


BIRTHDAYS: Aug. 23 —  Sidney Fox Long; Aug. 27 — Sheila Wilson and Jane Doss; Aug. 28 — Dennis Hurston; Aug. 30 —  Ralph Reid and Helen Henley


QUOTABLE: “What you need for breakfast, they say in East Tennessee, is a jug of good corn liquor, a thick steak and a hound dog. Then you feed the steak to the dog.” — Charles Kuralt


TOP TEEN: First out of the starting gate this school year is Jared Keith Ponder, a senior at Alexandria High, where he carries a perfect 4.0 GPA and has a 28 ACT.

That GPA puts Jared into the National Honor Society. He is also a member of the Principal’s Club, vice-president of the SGA, the Christian Club, and the Spanish Club.

Jared is a Youth Leadership of Calhoun County representative, is an Alabama Boys State Representative (2018).

He can play a bit, too, as he participates in varsity football, basketball, and baseball.

The goal is to head for the University of Alabama and prepare for a career as a physical therapist.

“Jared Ponder is a tremendous leader in the Alexandria school and community,” says Kelli Johnson, counselor. “His dedication to his academic, career, and athletic goals is outstanding.”

Proud parents are Keith and Michelle Ponder of Alexandria.

Take a bow, Mr. Ponder.


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