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A few days back I went into some detail at how adept I am at losing things and how fortunate that I had four lost billfolds in three years returned to me by the good people.

You can look at this as Chapter II.

Lost is one blue Eastern Airlines umbrella, one white Pebble Beach umbrella, and one slender black Bible. I miss all three and am sort of hopeful all are alive and well out here.

There is a very good story in the lost Eastern Airlines umbrella.

It is in the early 1960s and I, along with four other sports writers, are riding an Eastern Airlines prop into Gainesville, Fla., to cover the Auburn-Florida game.

When we land, the rain out on the tarmac (no covered walks back then), is coming down sideways. As we depart the plane, the stewardess hands each of us an Eastern Airlines umbrella with “Just keep ’em.”

With that, the airplane lifted into the storm and headed for Fort Lauderdale or wherever. We headed for the baggage claim area.

A bit of good news is my luggage was the only one that got off the plane. The rest were headed for Fort Lauderdale or wherever.

Since Eastern Airlines last flew back in 1991, my umbrella has to be a collector’s item ... and I’d sure like it back.

Fact is, there is a reward. I’ll meet you at Jack’s on Quintard and spring for breakfast ...


QUOTABLE: “Both politicians and diapers need to be changed often and for the same reason.” — Unknown


       DON’T COUNT your chickens before they hatch.

Just in case you slept through SEC media days, the scribes ’n mikes picked Alabama to win the conference title this year.

No surprise.

What may surprise you is the media has been right just six times in 26 years ... and that may help Auburnites sleep a bit better come the fall.



Q: “What did one hat say to the other hat?”

A: “You stay here I'm gonna go on a head!”


 BIRTHDAYS: July 27 — Tyler Butterworth; July 29 — Nellie O’Kelly; July 30 — Gary Cotton, Joyce Terry, Bob Broom, and Jr. Eaves.


JULY 31 — Yesterday’s birthday is now in the rearview mirror and I had a neat one. Son-and-heir grilled steaks at his house. Some good news in that is I didn’t have to pay for the steaks and Son-and-heir actually took time to talk with me even though his mom was there.

And while I’m old enough to start bragging about my age instead of lying about it, well, I’m gonna take a pass on that. I’ll just say I never thought I’d get here this fast.


I HAVE JUST finished a second go round (on Netflix) with “Blue Bloods,” my number one TV show ever so I went looking for a second “second go round.”

I found it in “West Wing,” which finished its regular TV run back in 2006. Set in the White House’s West Wing, it is one heck of a show.

If you have Netflix, enjoy ... I watched three episodes Monday.



The ESPN staff has just ranked the top college football teams for the past 21 years.

The 2005 Texas Longhorns were ranked first. After that, there is definitely an Alabama/Nick Saban flavor.

Alabama teams in the Top 21 were 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2009. That’s four. Throw in the 2003 LSU Tigers and Saban coached five of the 21.

Auburn’s 2015 Tigers also made the list.

Play ball ...


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