Wednesday’s bean ’n greens ’n other things:


IF THERE had been two Leon Smiths, Oxford’s Leon Smith would have been both of them.

Few persons dominated area politics as much as Leon did during his eight terms as Oxford’s mayor.

News stories in the newspaper have documented the man’s life and his achievements in making Oxford the commercial hub for a big chunk of this area.

Along the way, I had a personal relationship with Leon and I really did like the guy. He had his ways, but you never had to doubt what he was saying.

I can say that, because he got on my case a couple of times. It is not unfair to say that it was Leon’s way or no way.


I DON’T know her name, but there’s a  young lady at Jack’s in Lenlock that has class by the ton.

It is Thursday and I’m picking up burgers ’n fries for lunch. I’ve just said “I want a Big Jack with cheese” when I am asked if I want anything else:

“Yes, if you’ll let me finish.”

I gave her the rest of my order, forgot about the exchange, and drove to the pickup window. As the order is handed to me, a really pretty young lady stuck her head out the window and, with a smile, said:

“Sir, I apologize for cutting you off.”

I don’t know her name, but Jack’s at Lenlock has a keeper.


A COUPLE of notes from Blue Mountain Baptist:

1. On a recent Sunday, our choir director, Sandra Triplett, sang the Lord’s Prayera capella (without music) and I got chills up my back just listening.

2. Our pastor, Rev. Don Pilcher, led us in the Lord’s Prayerin closing Sunday’s services. Again I got chills. Such has everybody in the church involved instead of just one. Try it in your church one Sunday and let me know. Truth is, that should be the closing prayer for every church ... everywhere.


BIRTHDAYS: Sept. 18 – John Waugh and Jason Brookson; Sept. 19 – Cathy Morgan; Sept. 20 – Pelmer East; Sept. 22 Destiny Heathcock.


TOP TEEN: Meet Kobe Dickerson, a senior at Anniston High School where he is enrolled in College Board Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses at JSU.

Young Mr. Dickerson carries a 3.70 GPA at AHS and has a solid 22 on is ACT.

He is a member of the National Honor Society, the Key Club, and is the drum major in the Anniston High Marching Band.

Treasurer of the senior class, Kobe is active in the Living for Faith Ministries and sings in the choir. He is also secretary of the Men of Legacy and works with the Main Street organization for the city of Anniston, helping with the Makers Market.

Along the way, he has been a local March of Dimes volunteer since 2014 and works in the Anniston Soup Kitchen each Thanksgiving.

College plans are either Morehouse or Howard University and studies in history and political science.

“For such a young man, Kobe really has his finger on the pulse of his fellow man,” says senior counselor Sherry Baxter. “His many volunteer experiences have educated him first hand on social issues and the needs of his community. I have every expectation Kobe will indeed change the lives of people for the better in the future.”

A proud mom is Candice Dickerson, Allen Street, Anniston. An equally proud stepfather is James Legions.

Take a bow, young man ...


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