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In writing about the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in a recent column, I ran across a story in my memory bank about “Me ’n My Big Mouth.”

It is sometime in the 1960s and legendary comedian Bob Hope (of movie and TV fame and a man of good deeds) is the emcee for the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame induction banquet.

I am standing with my drop-dead blonde (wife) outside the banquet hall when Hope, in the company of three or four Hall officials, walks by.

What I thought was clever, in a voice just loud enough ...

“Look, sweetheart. There goes Red Skeleton!”

Mr. Hope slams on the brakes, turns, walks to my drop-dead blonde, puts his arms around her, squeezes tightly, and steps back with:

“Lady, you have my sincere condolences.”

With never a look at  me, he walks away ... leaving me with egg on face and a drop-dead blonde with a memory of being hugged by Bob Hope.

I still think it was funny ... if not appreciated, especially by the blonde.


QUOTABLE: “Despite the high cost of living, have you noticed how popular living still remains?”Unknown


ROBIN MORRIS belongs on the list of nice people you wish you knew. Anybody who can stick a needle in my arm twice and wipe away the pain with a smile is special where my arm lives.

With that, say hello to Robin Morris, a pharmacist at Wal-Mart in Lenlock. She was on the “giving” end of my flu and pneumonia shots a couple of weeks back.

So far, so good ... no flu, no pneumonia.

Actually, I got the pneumonia shot a bit late. A couple of months back I spent 10 days or so in fellowship with a lousy bed at Regional Medical Center with double pneumonia.

I may have told you this before, but not today: If I’d had a third lung I would have had triple pneumonia and would probably be among the “laying” dead instead of the “walking dead.”

Some good news is that during  the near-death experience with pneumonia I lost over 30 pounds.

Should have met you sooner, Robin.


TOP TEEN: This morning’s spotlight shines on Dakarai Malaika Wilson, a senior at Anniston High School, where her 4.23 GPA is in the Top Ten for the Class of 2018. She is also in Mu Alpha Theta (National Math Honor Society), the National Society of High School Scholars, and has twice been honored with “Student of The Month.”

Other honors include a President’s Education Award and the Anniston Police Department’s Model Student Award for Excellence.

Dakarai is a member of the Key Club, the debate team, and the FBLA.

There is also her volunteer work at the New Life United Methodist Church, the Anniston Community Education Foundation, coat drive for the Anniston Soup Kitchen, and the American Red Cross Blood Drive. There is more, but space cuts this a bit short.

“Dakarai is an exceptional student who demands nothing less than perfection in all she attempts,” say Sherry Baxter, senior counselor. “With her intelligence, drive, determination and compassion, she will definitely make a positive difference in the lives of other people.”

A proud parent is Priscilla Wilson, Gurnee Avenue, Anniston.

Applause is in order ...


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