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ROLL TIDE ... and what in the bleep happened to “our” War Eagles?

If you came in late, that translates into Alabama 24, Clemson 6, while Central Florida shocked Auburn, 34-27.

That sends Alabama against Georgia with another national championship in reach. It has Auburn fans wondering why Gus Malzahn recently got a big raise and a contract extension.

The answer to that is Gus (and Auburn) beat Alabama a few weeks back. In our state, that  overcomes run-of-the-mill quickly.

Now, back to the opening of “Roll Tide!” and the admission that I really am an Alabama fan. Son-and-heir played on two national championship teams (1978-79) at Alabama.

But the tie goes back to my kid years of the ’40s and listening to Harry Gilmer and Alabama on the radio. I was old enough to vote before I knew Auburn existed.

So why “our” War Eagles?

I became a sports writer for this newspaper and got to know a class act by the name of Ralph “Shug” Jordan, Auburn coach.

Jordan became not only a friend, but transfused a dose of orange and blue into my crimson blood. Knowing Oxford’s Terry Henley, who played for Auburn, helped that a bit, too.

So ... Alabama 27, Georgia 17, and for “our”  War Eagles it’s “wait’ll next year.”


THERE WAS a surprise birthday party for James “Sonny” Conaway on Saturday at Golden Springs Baptist Church. It was Conaway’s 90th year, I had an invite I misread, arrived a day late, and was there Sunday, all alone in a parking lot as big as Rhode Island.

But I caught up with Conaway on Monday. I’ve told you about “Sonny” a few times before.

For one thing, Conaway was a champion horseshoe pitcher.

“I quit about five years ago,” said Conaway. “I pitched for almost 80 years and that was enough.”

Don’t bet he couldn’t still throw a few “ringers.”

“Back in 2004, I had a 70 percent on ringers,” says Conway. “I was 76 years old.”

Something else James “Sonny” Conaway does about as well, perhaps even better than horseshoe pitching.

You could hear the pride I heard with:

“I have perfect attendance in Sunday School for 58 years.”

The James “Sonny” Conaways make our lives just a bit richer. ...


I HAD a couple of other goofs this past week.

1. I “filed” an email from a lady who wanted me to explain a recent remark that the “Trump Nation” is not an ally of the United States. I can’t find the file, so if you’ll send again (or call me), we’ll discuss. ...

2. I missed on a couple of birthdays on my phone, lost same. Please give me a call or an email and we’ll make things right.

My apologies on both, but it’s sort of like my son-and-heir says:

“Dad, you could mess up a two-car funeral.”

Make that ex-heir. ...  


QUOTABLE: “I hope you will be treated unfairly, so you will come to know the value of justice.”

That came in a speech back on June 3 that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts gave to the students at Cardigean Mountain School in New Hampshire.

I like it ... at lot.


BIRTHDAYS: Jan. 1 — Gaye Vice and Wanda Smith; Jan. 2 — Ronnie Brooks; Jan. 3 — Guy Sparks.


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