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George Smith: If this one doesn't take, forget third

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Fourth pew from the back …


Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned …

Hopefully, a better way to put that is in the world of Southern Baptist there is something called “backsliding.”

Which is another way of saying I didn’t show up for church this past Sunday (Oct. 14) which was National Pastor Appreciation Day and there were a couple of reasons.

1. I didn’t know it was National Pastor Appreciation Day.

2. I was feeling a bit lowly and  asked the blonde if she would sort of stand in for me. It being Sunday morning, a holy day that fits tolerance, she said yes.

And I didn’t go … think I’ve mentioned that.

Anyway, she said several people asked about my health, the people at Jack’s on Quintard didn’t.

Oh well ...

But there is forgiveness in The Teaching and a time for repentance.

So, in alphabetical order, Pastors of My Life have been James Cohorn, Buford Johnson, Bob Ford, Truman Norred, and Don Pilcher.

Each, in their own way, had more than a little bit to make me the person I am … and for better or worse, I am thankful.

Buford, long gone, baptized me twice. The first time was at age 13 when he scared he hell out of me (pun intended), the second time around age 20 when I came to realize I was being offered pretty good deal.

A memory … as I came up spewing and spitting, I can still hear Buford:

“George, if this one doesn’t take, I’m not sure a third one will.”

So, to the Rev. James Cohorn, the Rev. Bob Ford, the Rev. Truman Norred, and the Rev. Don Pilcher, thank you … and I hope National Pastor Appreciation Day was a good one for each of you.


YOU KNOW it’s going to be just one of those days when you reach into the medicine cabinet for the shaving foam and come away with the hair spray.



“Does anyone know of a girl who might like a tired old boy on a rusty old bike,

“Who just pulled in today from the Florida Glades,

“And just got to stop and rest awhile and rest.”



I’m in the final run of an annual (make that 18-month) checkup and so far so good. What’s really good is a couple of young ladies I met in testing in the Outpatient Department at Regional Medical Center.

One is Riley Norton, a clerk that checks you in and heads you in the right direction. Riley is most definitely a she blonde. One thing that pulled me up short is my oldest grandson is also a Riley.

And I fell in love with Miki Poe. I have very small veins and it usually takes a half-dozen “sticks” to get the fountain flowing, so to speak. Miki, who is RMC’s Phlebotomist Coordinator, did it on the first jab.

Take a bow, ladies.

Oh, my health?

Family Confidential … but don’t go buying a black suit anytime soon … I hope.


QUOTABLE:Live by this credo: have a little laugh at life and look around you for happiness instead of sadness. Laughter has always brought me out of unhappy situations.” -- Red Skelton


IF YOU’RE out and about along about noon Wednesday you might consider dropping by Alabama Power at 10th and Quintard.

The deal is AP retirees, also known as Energizers, are having an auction (for charity) and, according to Carla Smith, all sorts of stuff is up for bid.

“For one thing, my husband is making a Barbie Doll House,” says Carla. “And I know of a very nice spindle table. It’s whatever the retirees bring.”

Sounds like fun to me.


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