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I’M AS country as brown eggs, white socks, redneck cotton-picking in late September.

When I was 10 years old, I was behind the south end of a mean-tempered mare mule heading north. What qualified me there was I had already learned to cuss from listening to my dad cuss the south end of that same mean-tempered mare mule.

I milked an ill-tempered Jersey cow for the first time at age 13, sounded just like Roy Acuff in the middle of the night atop a John Deere tractor on my granddaddy’s farm.

But it has come to me that for all my country raising, I’ve come up wee a bit short and I need a couple of answers for my master’s degree in poor-dirt farming.

So ...

You mount a horse on the left side. I’ve seen Shane do that 56 times in the movie “Shane.” We didn’t have any horses, but I always mounted that ornery mare mule on her left side when it came suppertime.

You milk a cow on her right side while sitting on a bucket and dodging a switching tail. I took care of the switching tail by tying it to her leg, but always milked on the right.

Can anybody out there tell me why, ’cause I’ll betcha two bales of hand-picked cotton there’s never been a mare mule or a Jersey cow that knew right from left.

Help me ... please. Those two questions are beginning to invade my afternoon naps which at times makes me want to go back to cussing, but that good-looking blonde I married took care of that years ago.


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TOP TEEN: Today’s spotlight swings into Choccolocco Valley and the Faith Christian School, where Sarah Kate McVeigh has been a member of the National Beta Club since seventh grade. A 4.28 GPA easily qualifies, and a 30 on her ACT also says this young lady can handle the books.

Along the way she put in three years on the journalism staff and has been part of the Student Government Association since 10th grade. It is also worth noting that young Miss McVeigh is a member of the Faith Friends Club, which pairs high school students with kindergarten students in mentoring and friendship.

She has been a member of the Double Dozen Club, a community service organization for selected students in grades 9-12. In 2017 she attended the HOBY Leadership Conference, which encourages leadership skills as well as community service. She logged more than 200 service hours during the 2017-18 school year.

Sarah Kate has her share of athletic ability, too.

She has been on the basketball and volleyball teams since seventh grade. In 2017 she was on the volleyball team than made it to the Sweet Sixteen in the Super Regionals and on the team that made it to the Final Four in Alabama 1A State Tournament.

Sarah Kate will enter the University of Alabama in Birmingham in the fall and major in biology on the pre-optometry track.

“Sarah Kate is a highly motivated young lady,” says Chip Jones, Faith’s head of school. “She excels in academic and leadership skills at school and has spent many hours on community, church and civic projects. She has a heart for others, especially those with special needs.”

Proud parents are Brian and Angie McVeigh of Anniston.

Turn the spotlight up a bit for this one ...


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