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George Smith: 'I held onto my music ...'

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Wednesday’s list ... of beans ’n greens ’n other things:


IF YOU haven’t been there you ain’t gonna believe this ... New York is a beautiful state, absolutely beautiful.

That comes to mind when I drive the Eastern Parkway here, absolutely beautiful ... and my mind kicks in a memory of an early 1980s drive across the New York Thruway in search of New England.

The Thruway is a bit longer than our Eastern Parkway, like 476 miles out of Erie across the top of the state and then turning south.

Now ...

You really ain’t gonna believe this if you ain’t been there.

It is like 1983 and the blonde is riding shogun. Truth is she has drifted into peaceful slumber. I’m driving and fiddling with the radio when I get:

“My home’s in Alabama ...”

I wipe out a ditch on the left, a ditch on the right, and get a real homey feeling as I listen to the band Alabama and:

“Yeah, I held on to my music; I let the ladies walk away,

“Took my songs and dreams to Nashville and then on to L.A.’

“Up to New York City, all across the USA,

“I lost so much of me, but there's enough of me to say (that my)

... home's in Alabama, no matter where I lay my head ...”

It’s a warm pillow in my life, but I ain’t through yet.

The disk jockey comes on, the radio station is in ... Auburn, N.Y.

Hey, you can’t make up stuff like that ... so put Alabamaon your jukebox and go back to sleep ...

I am ...


THOSE MACHINES at Tyler Center’s Health and Sick Room are there to build your legs, among other things. One other thing is the machine I use most lies more than a little.

There’s a control panel that resembles the cockpit of a jet airliner or my same on my new-old Kia Sportage.

Among other things, it lets me know my time aboard, steps I’ve taken per minute, miles I’ve walked, watts burned, calories burned. When I’m finished, the screen flashes GREAT JOB!!

On a recent flight I stopped, slowed, got back on, changed speed three times. When I finished, guess what?


On the way out, I checked with Lady Ella to see if my bill was due ...


BIRTHDAYS: Feb. 24 —  Patrick Quinn and Edwin Harbin; Feb. 27 — Colton Quinn. Feb. 28 —  Bill Ridley.


TOP TEEN: Say hello to Halaya Annette Harmon, a senior at Oxford High School, where her 4.2 cumulative, weighted GPA ranks her 16th in a class of 281. There’s a solid 28 ACT on her resume, too. Halaya, of course, is in the National Honor Society.

 According to Glenda Knight, senior-college and career counsel:

“Halaya has taken rigorous, challenging courses at Oxford High School, including pre-AP/Honors, dual-enrollment, and advanced placement excellent while maintaining grades and participating in numerous volunteer and extracurricular activities.

“In the tenth grade, Halaya was selected by our administration and faculty to represent Oxford High School at the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference (HOBY) held in June 2016 at Troy University. This program provided opportunities for Halaya to participate in leadership training, service-learning, and motivation-building experiences in three different perspectives personal, group, and societal.”

You can tie three blue ribbons ’round this one while proud parents Heath and Holley Harmon applaud ...


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