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HOW LOW can the Roy Moore ship sink?

I really thought the man who has twice been kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court and accused of messing round with teenage girls couldn’t get any lower. Then came a couple of nights before the election for the U.S. Senate from Alabama.

Just to refresh your mind on that one, after hiding from not only the press, but also the people for a couple of weeks, he finally surfaced for a “press conference.”

A 12-year-old girl did the questioning, a disgusting setup considering the allegations of improper conduct with young girls.

Moore lost to  Democrat Doug Jones. It was the first election of a Democrat from the reddest state in the union in over two decades.

But now comes Moore, who has yet to concede the election, asking his supporters for money to overturn his defeat. From an e-mail I read online:

“Please chip in a donation of $1,000, $500, $250, $150, $75, $50, $35 or $25 to my campaign’s ‘Election Integrity Fund’ to make sure all votes are accurately counted.”

To paraphrase from a long ago congressional hearing:

“Roy Moore, do you have no sense of decency?”

Nor of shame?

One more paraphrase:

“Roy Moore has not lowered the bar of political sorryiness, he is the bar.”

I gotta shut up, get off this, and go drink a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.


QUOTABLE: “The early bird may get the worm, but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.” Unknown


I KNOW a bunch of you out there have been waiting on my predictions for the College Football Playoffs before calling your local bookie ... or Vegas.

As a former sports writer of long ago, college football ranks behind only God, family, and country with me.

So, I think the committee got it right in picking Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama as the final four.

From there, I haven’t the faintest. I think any of the four can win it. Me, I’ll be pulling for ...  


BIRTHDAYS: Dec. 21 – Larry Ford; Dec. 22 – Ralph Redmon and Andre Callahan; Dec. 24 – Rev. Norred Truman, Mary Vinson, and Joyce Hess; Dec. 25 – Linda Ashworth and  Ken Baswell; Dec. 26 – Angela Hamblin; Dec. 29 – John Patterson; Dec. 30 – Katie Halfey and Caleb Murphree.


A LAST special birthday for 2017. The name is Cody Houston Smith, he’s the third born of three grandsons, is my namesake (Houston), and is working toward a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Alabama.

With that is a story I may have told you before, but not today.

Cody is 5 years old, in preschool at First Baptist of Saks where his teacher is Thelma Pinkston.

Thelma has a board with the names of the misbehaving in “red.”

Cody, who has spent the night with us, is in “red” and dreading facing Mrs. Pinkston. As he slides out of the truck, I tell him to go in and just be nice, tell Mrs. Pinkston how pretty she is, things like that, and she’ll take his name out of “red” before he gets seated.

Looking up at me, there is:

“Poppa, I gonna be in red all my life.”

I can still see a lonely little figure, shoulders slumped, dragging his feet across the parking lot to the church door. And I think:

Out of the mouth of babes ...

Happy birthday Friday, kid ... and I do love you.


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