Wednesday’s beans ’n greens ’n other things:


AM I DREAMING or did Roy Moore really hold a “press conference” a day or so before he lost the senate race to Doug Owens?

If it wasn’t a “press conference,” Moore (who had been in hiding for quite a while) really did hold a “press conference.”  

Thing is, it really wasn’t a dream, but calling it a “press conference” is more than a stretch. What you got, if you caught it, was a brief flicker of Moore being “interviewed” by a small girl. Her name was/is Millie March, age 12, and was from Christian TV, of which I’ve never heard. I said, it was a fleeting thing and sickening, to put it mildly. It made me want to upchuck.

And that’s being kind ...  


HEALTH REPORT: I now have my annual fever blister. This one is centered top-lip, under the nose. I get these things about once a year and they rank right there with hangnails on my hate list. You can’t miss it and neither can the blonde. She mentions it daily with:

“I don’t think your fever blister is getting any better. Are you putting anything on it?”

Yep, I am, and it will go away in like seven to 10 days.

It also occurs to me that instead of “Health Report” I should have led off with “News You Don’t Care Diddly About.”


I’M INTO a loaded platter of scrambled eggs, biscuits, and gravy at Jack’s on Quintard when something very special happens.

Tammy Broadwell, a hostess there, puts an envelope on my table. It is a Christmas card ... and Tammy Broadwell is a class act.


BIRTHDAYS: Dec. 17 – Rodney Gunn and Doris McWhorter; Dec. 18 – Wayne Wise, Mary Brooks, and Bonnie Dobbs; Dec. 19 – Don Craft.


THIS ONE is special, but Riley Stephen Smith is my first grandson and Tuesday was his birthday. I’m going to pass on the age, but will tell you that his two finest accomplishments are:

1. Marrying Ashley Nall, a drop-dead brunette with freckles from Andalusia, who gets a bit annoyed when I call her “The Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo Beauty Queen.” Opp is just down the road from Andalusia and ne’er the citizens meet.

2. He teamed up with Ashley to give me a great-granddaughter, McKenzie Kathrine Smith. She is a gorgeous little blonde with blue eyes that would shame a cloudless sky.

I call her “Mac,” which is another way I tick off her mom.

Happy Birthday, Riley.


TOP TEEN: Meet Cody Hopkins, a senior at Saks where he has a 4.16 GPA and a hot 30 on his ACT.

All that is built on the high road, dual-enrollment courses at Jax State and a number of AP courses.

Cody is a member of the National Honor Society, vice-president of the senior class, and holds several academic awards for highest GPA in various classes. He is on the math team and the Writers Bowl team, winners of a number of trophies over the years.

He plays second base and also pitches for the baseball team and is a member of the high school choir.

“Cody is a well-rounded young man,” says senior counselor Sondra Leatherwood. “He is highly motivated, intelligent, compassionate and very respectful.”

Cody heads for Jax State in the fall.

Proud parents are Phillip and Kim Hopkins, Oak Road, Anniston.

Let’s hear some applause ...