Wednesday’s list ... of beans ’n greens ’n other things:


THE YEARS age the memory as well as the body. And so it was in scanning the obit listing in Friday’s paper that the name  David Miller “Big Dave” Waddell didn’t ring a bell with me.

It should have ... as in David Waddell, Wellborn Panthers, early 1960s.

He was special, quarterbacking the Panthers to the county championship in 1961 and 1962. In that record was a 12-0 shutout of Oxford in the old Turkey Bowl.

He was an All-County selection and his DNA was pretty good, too. His oldest son, Gray, was All-County at Anniston, youngest son, Michael, All-County at Alexandria.

His path led him to Vietnam where he won a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.

There was a heart transplant in 2011 and the finish came Wednesday, Jan. 24, after 73 years as one of Wellborn’s finest ... as an athlete, but more importantly as a person.

His brother Jack gave me a call on David’s passing.


THIS NEWSPAPER does get things right every now and then. A case in point, strong one, is the naming of Patty King as Anniston’s Citizen of the Year.

I’m not a personal friend, but have been in her presence a couple of times and there has been a phone conversation now and then. One thing comes through; Patty King is a warm and caring person. The lady has class.

And no, I’m not currying favor for a good deal on a new car. I have a 2003 Ford Taurus (not from King) and I’d get in that thing and drive it to Seattle right now ... so I’m not in the market.

The reason I threw that in is Patty is the boss of all those Sunny King auto dealerships in the Anniston/Oxford market.


ONE OF MY favorite places to grab lunch was the Solid Rock Café in Piedmont. It’s no longer in business, shut down before Christmas I’m told.

Good place ... sandwiches and soup ... nice ambience with old brick walls and coffee cans for light fixtures over the lunch counter. One other nice touch was the floor, 12-inch boards beaten with chains and then finished. Looked old ...

I’ll miss it.


QUOTABLE: “I knew a man who gave up smoking, drinking, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself.”

                  — Johnny Carson


BIRTHDAYS: Jan. 24 —  Sherri Fields and Patrick Doss; Feb. 1 — Sonny Israel, Ken Swader and Joe Duckett; Feb. 3 —  Helen Boyd.


TOP TEEN: Say hello to Anna Ulrey, a senior at the Donoho School where her 3.8 GPA has her in the National Honor Society. Her smarts also qualifies her for My Alpha Theta (math honor society), the French Honor Society, and Tri-M.

When Anna sings, she gets attention, too. She is a member of the All-State Choir and the University of Alabama Honor Choir.

Young Miss Ulrey is also a giver.

She is volunteer tutor at Golden Springs Elementary, a Knox Concert Series volunteer, a staff member on the school newspaper, and a published author in Donoho’s literary magazine, The Lure.

Want some more?

Put Family Links Youth Advisory for Calhoun County and Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center staff member on the list.

“Anna is a natural leader,” says Jacqueline Gaines, Donoho counselor. “She never seeks attention or accolades for her successes inside or outside the classroom It is her servant’s heart that makes me proud to nominate Anna as Teen of the Week.”

Proud parents are Jimmy and Anne Ulrey of Anniston.

Applause is in order ...