Wednesday’s beans ’n greens ’n other things:


IT’S MONTHS ’til Halloween and witches and goblins come to “trick or treat” at your door, but I have this theory there really are ghosts among us.

A case in point is the re-worked intersection of Lenlock Lane and Saks Road. It would seem the completion of the new intersection is months in the rearview mirror.

Don’t bet a sawmill on that.

In a mile stretch of Lenlock Lane there are no fewer than 11 orange signs warning there’s road work ahead. There are two more on Saks Road.

In the absence of real-life humans, I can only assume ghosts are putting finishing touches we can’t see on the intersection. Which, for the record, is pretty doggone good.

Did I mention “ghosts?”

Consider it just a silly attempt to get your attention. After all, they’re not due ’til Halloween ... aren’t they? Or are Casper and a few of his buddies already here?


QUOTABLE: “Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are driving taxicabs or cutting hair.”

                  – George Burns


THANK YOU Joe Hays ... for, again, your tomatoes ... wow! ... as usual.

I’m working on his second basket, but something he said in telling me his crop has been a bit late sort of bothers me.

“Wish I hadn’t put out any this year.”

I’m not sure Joe can make it without his gardening. I’ve never known anyone who loved the dirt as much as Joe.

Again Joe ... thanks much.


AND WHILE we’re in the produce department, a quick report is our Chilton County peaches via Ken Easterling’s pickup truck will last way into August.

One other thing.

Ken’s last trip brought the biggest peaches I can remember and I’ve been buying from him since the late 1950s. Seriously, I’ve run into three, maybe four, as big as softballs.

Sweet, too.


WAY BACK there somewhere a young beauty by the name of Betty Mobley visited the Social Security office to handle some paperwork.

Harold Spivey did the “helping.” And didn’t stop there. He helped her all the way to the preacher on July 26, 1953. That was 65 years ago come Thursday.

That says the “deal” took pretty doggone good. So, if you live out Weaver way and see some serious hand-holding it’s Harold and Betty enjoying the memories in their rearview mirror.

Take a bow, “kids.”



Q — Why did the chicken cross the road?

A — It had to report for work at Kentucky Fried.


BIRTHDAYS: July 13 — Julia Burton; July 21 — James Hibbitts; July 22 — Reagan Smith and Harold Young; July 23 — the Rev. Dr. Roy Cordle.


TUESDAY WAS Barry Stephen Smith’s birthday and for the past week or so I’ve been pondering just what I’d give “the kid” for being mostly a good son over the years.

Somewhere in there inspiration hit me. I got on the phone and called my lawyer and had him to return son to “son-and-heir” status. After all, he did father me three fine grandsons and that lineage has now given me three absolutely great-granddaughters.

And, so far as I know, Barry Stephen Smith has never embarrassed the family.

So, hope you had a happy birthday, kid ... and drop by sometime to see “the old man.”


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